Lively Lessons: Pumpkins

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DYKA pumpkin is a fruit!
Filled with seeds, pumpkins are fruits that can grow to become very large under the right weather and soil conditions. Their characteristics also make pumpkins useful for certain types of scientific observations and experiments.

Keep reading for ideas on ways to use pumpkins in your classroom. Be sure to check out the entire Pumpkins Content Collection in Discovery Education Streaming for even more lesson ideas & content!

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K-5 Solving Problems with Pumpkins: View “United States: A Pumpkin Shortage” with students. After watching the segment, ask students to identify some of the main problems that people growing pumpkins may face. You may wish to ask students guiding questions such as: How does bad weather make it hard to grow pumpkins? What may keep farmers from planting pumpkins on time? Record students’ ideas on the board or chart paper as they brainstorm. Then, organize students… Keep reading to access the Pumpkin Content Collection and the full list of Lesson Starters.

6-8 Pumpkin Journal: Explain to students they will be viewing a video segment and recording information they learn from pumpkinthe segment. Play the video segment “Matt’s Big Pumpkin” from Outrageous Acts of Science: Dukes of Havoc on Discovery Education Streaming.  After viewing the video, ask students to take out a piece of paper and fold it in half… Keep reading to access the Pumpkin Content Collection and the full list of  Lesson Starters.

9-12 3 Truths…1 Lie about Pumpkins: Show the video segment “The Alan Nursall Experience: Volume 01: Ballistic Pendulum” from The Alan Nursall Experience: Volume 01 on Discovery Education Streaming. Have students work in pairs to write three true statements and one lie about measuring momentum. Hang each pair’s statements around the room.. Keep reading to access the Pumpkin Content Collection and the full list of  Lesson Starters.

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