Facts About Food: A new interactive resource for your classroom

Discovery Education and CME Group have launched the second in their series of Economics-based learning modules for the Econ Essentials program titled Facts about Food. The self-paced module guides high school students in their exploration of economics concepts from a modern farming perspective.  It’s the journey of food from the farm to the consumer’s table that makes the classroom concepts, like supply and demand, come to life. Students are given the role of apprentice and advisor to a farmer and learn about the supply chain and how each step along the way impacts the the price the consumer sees at the market. Students’ comprehension is evaluated through assessments after each topic area and at the conclusion of the module. 

The module is based on High School economics standards and would be well suited in the following high school classes:

  • Agriculture Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Economics

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In the first self-paced module, titled Fueling the Future,students learn the basics of supply and demand and explore how external factors impact the price of oil.  Students first learn the concepts around price setting and supply and demand and then are asked to apply this information to set a ticket price for their very own shuttle business. Students must cover their costs and earn a profit to stay in business. 

Access both modules at EconEssentialsInSchool.com


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