Racing Extinction: Start With 1 Thing Virtual Field Trip

On Wednesday, December 2nd, Discovery Channel will present Racing Extinction to a global audience. From Academy Award-winning director, Louie Psihoyos, this groundbreaking documentary examines biodiversity loss, its effect on humanity, and the solutions that inspire hope for a more sustainable future. Discovery Education is proud to bring meaningful educational support around this documentary to engage middle and high school students in the important topic of biodiversity.

Leading up to the groundbreaking event, take your students on an inspirational journey live from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to explore the science behind anthropogenic mass extinction and meet those dedicating their lives to saving species and transforming communities along the way.  The Racing Extinction #StartWith1Thing virtual field trip will take place on November 18 at 1pm ET.  Click here to learn more.

From whale sharks to golden lion tamarins to scarlet macaws, your classroom will get an insider’s view of cutting-edge conservation efforts and in the process, realize their potential to make a difference.

Before the Virtual Field Trip, introduce your students to the importance of biodiversity with interactive lesson plans and classroom activities. Interactive lessons are aligned to national standards and feature video clips from the acclaimed documentary.



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