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We love seeing examples of how educators are sharing Discovery Education resources with others. Recently on the DEN Friends Facebook page, educator Heather Hurley shared a bulletin board she created to share the Spotlight on Strategies resources with her school staff.
Heather shared “I’m always looking for new ways to bring engaging activities to my staff. My district has a subscription to Discovery Education Streaming, and the teachers in my school use the videos quite a bit. Each summer during our teacher in-service week I conduct a workshop entitled ‘Rediscover Discovery.’ In this workshop, I highlight all of the different resources that can be found in Discovery Education Streaming other than videos. Now that SOS can be found in Discovery Education, I wanted to make sure my staff knew about them.”


“To introduce my staff to Spotlight On Strategies (S.O.S) I kicked off our school year using the S.O.S. Six Word Story. I got the idea from fellow DEN Star Selena Ward who used this with her staff during their in-service week. Using the Six Word Story, I asked my staff, “At the end of the year what six-word story will your students tell about being in your class or instructional space?” This led to some great stories. The stories were collected by me and will be returned to the teachers and staff in June for them to reflect upon.”
“After the activity several staff members inquired about wanting to know more about S.O.S. It was that interest that led to me create the S.O.S. bulletin board. The board is located by the teachers’ mailboxes and I notify the staff of the new weekly strategy through our Friday administrative message. The message links to the strategy in DE Streaming. That way teachers can view the strategy in action and then go to the board to pick up the paper copy. It is just starting to catch on, and I’ve received lots of positive feedback about the board.”

Heather’s idea inspired other educators to create similar boards.





Inspired to create your own SOS Board?
You’re in luck- We have created a printable kit based on the resources shared by Heather & others.

Download the entire folder of resources here

Be sure to keep your board current by changing out the SOS handouts weekly or monthly.

Access all of the SOS PDF flyers herePDFicon

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More about Heather:

Heather Hurley is an Assistant Principal in Arlington, VA. She is a former  Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC), a K-8 Instructional Technology Specialist, and a Director of Staff Development. She began her career as a classroom teacher in first and third grades. She is a SMART Exemplary Educator, a STAR Discovery Educator, a member of the Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council and a Google Certified Teacher.
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