Lively Lessons: Advanced Science

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The human genome contains more than three billion nucleotides! That’s a lot!


Are you looking for ways to challenge your science students? Look no further! A collection of titles from Howard Hughes Medical Institute covers a variety of advanced biology topics. The programs are available in Discovery Education Science Techbook for grades 9-12.

Each title covers a topic related to biology, including DNA, sickle cell anemia, malaria life cycle, bacteria and viruses, dengue virus life cycle, HIV and AIDS, human embryonic development, maintaining a healthy weight, human anatomy, new limb regeneration, the nervous system, and more.

In the Classroom

  • Use a video segment to open a lesson or introduce a new topic.
  • Have students create infographics based on one of the programs in the collection.
  • Allow students to use the Discovery Education Board Builder tool to help summarize information attained by watching one of the programs.
  • Let students choose a topic to teach to the class, using the full video as an outline.
  • Challenge students to find articles in scientific journals and other publications that support research presented during one of the programs.


On the Site
For a full list of titles, type “Howard Hughes Medical Institute” in the search bar and sort by “Recently Added.”


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