Discovering our World with STEM: Lesson Ideas

DE_STEM_LOGO_ClrBlx_reducedSize3As you get ready to join us for our week of live webcasts from the tundra (check out the schedule here), here are some lesson ideas and other resources to help get you started.

Discovery Education Lesson Starters: We just launched a new polar bear content collection with targeted lesson ideas and instructional strategies for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

polar bear content collection

Polar Bear Research: Explore with your students all the different types of research projects Polar Bears International is working on.  Start with this Polar Bear Research PowerPoint and then interact with the Bear Tracker.  Here is a lesson plan to help you make some interesting STEM connections with the Bear Tracker.


Polar Bear Basics: Simply doing a keyword search in Discovery Education will give you hundreds of resources to explore and build your students’ background knowledge.  Plus, you can check out the Polar Bear FAQs here.

DE polar bear search

The Grolar Bear Challenge: Use this activity guide to get your students ready for our special webcast – Cracking the Curious Case of the Grolar Bear with Technology.

polar bear activity guide




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