How Will You Honor Veterans?

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 6.28.15 PMOn Friday night, I was eating dinner with my family and two older couples sat at the table in front of us.  One of the gentlemen removed his weathered WWII veteran hat and sat it on the table.   Our group spent several minutes discussing how blessed we were to have people like him, who have paved the way for our freedoms.  Thoughts of what he’d gone through consumed me for the next 40 minutes.  When left, I couldn’t resist the urge to greet him.  I stopped by the table and thanked him for his service and then left a surprise for their group with their waitress.  As we drove away, I wondered what I would be doing to honor Veteran’s if I still had my own classroom.

Two Discovery Education community members emailed me their plans, so I thought I would pass it along.

From the desk of Francie Synder (@digiduchess)

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.56.43 PMFor the last twenty years I had the pleasure of going to church with a World War II Veteran and his lovely wife.  There were several times during the past twenty years I thought about asking about his time in the war, but never did. Unfortunately, it is now too late. I heard a few days ago that he had passed away. I will miss his bright smile, sweet demeanor, humility, and sparkling blue eyes. This news has left me with a feeling of deeper urgency to educate my students about Veterans’ Day. We need to encourage our students to listen, learn about, and honor those who fought for our freedom, and thanks Discovery Education that task has been made easier.

One of the newest features Discovery Education (DE) has upgraded this year is Content Collections. These Content Collections are developed by DE curriculum specialists, and written for Elementary, Middle School, and High School. They include a variety of digital media, activities, lesson starters for all grade levels, utilizing a Spotlight on Strategy (SOS). They exist on a variety of subject areas one being Veterans’ Day.  The Veterans’ Day Content Collection is full of resources about the history of the holiday and how we continue to honor our veterans today with corresponding  activities.

I also used the resources and strategies shared in the November Discovery Education Newsletter.  I will also be using the SOS And The Award Goes To.

In honor of my friend, who was a Purple Heart Recipient, and all those who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy THANK YOU!!

From the desk of Karen Zilhaver (@MsZ1600)

This past Friday, Kindergarten and First Grade students at Hilton Head Preparatory School began to learn about the upcoming Veterans Day.  Using Discovery Education’s Veterans Day Content Collection and lesson ideas, students learned new vocabulary and the importance of honoring those who have served our country.  Before watching any of the movie clips, I asked students some of the vocabulary words.  For Veteran the common response was someone who took care of animals.  By the end of the lesson all of the students knew that a Veteran was someone who had served in the Armed Forces.  They now understand that people are very happy when wars end and there is peace,  As a concluding activity the children made poppies, like those in Flanders Field and the virtual field trip from last year to the Tower of London with Discovery Education, to honor our Veterans, not only here at school, but across America, and the world.

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Let us know how you are honoring veterans in your class by posting a comment or resource below.


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