SOS: Take A Walk

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Take A Walk

PDF and Vignette Version

SOS Big Idea

Materials: media from Discovery Education, paper, writing utensils

  1. Choose Discovery Education media, such as a video segment, image, song, or reading passage, that relates to your unit of study. 
  2. Preview the media and decide what content pieces are most important for students to know and understand.
  3. Share the media selection with students. Pause frequently to allow students to take notes on the most important information. Replay media, if necessary.
  4. Once the media has been presented, have your students get up and move!  Ask them to take a walk and discuss the most important parts of what they watched or heard. The walk can take place outside, in a multi-purpose room, or anywhere that is appropriate. Be sure the walk lasts long enough for students to engage in good conversation about the topic.
  5. Consider providing discussion prompts for students, to help them focus their conversations on your instructional goals.
  6. After returning to the classroom, have the students debrief in small groups or as a whole group.

SOS Sum It Up


Use the Take a Walk strategy to engage students in actively processing what they have learned. By doing this, you will help them to transfer new knowledge into long-term memory and also promote an awareness of how physical activity is important to boosting brain power!

SOS More Ideas

  • Ask students to talk with different people with each lap they take around the track, playground, or gym.
  • Have students create a paper slide video or Board Builder project, based 
    on the information they have learned. 
  • Use this strategy as an end-of-unit review, by asking students to quiz each other or review concepts as they walk.

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