Monday Morning Conversation Starter: #StartWith1Thing

Biodiversity Collage

As I type this, I’m traveling back from Churchill, Manitoba where I’ve spent the past week helping our friends from Polar Bears International with their Tundra Connections webcast series.

hareI had the incredible fortune to observe polar bears, have a gray jay land on my hand, and see an arctic fox along with other arctic animals that are uniquely suited for their environment (including one in the picture to the right with my wife).

So if you asked me to flip through my iPhone and pick half of the animals I saw this week and delete them, I couldn’t do it.

And I imagine you and your students will have a difficult time answering the question I posed at the top of this blog.  But the reality is that we have to answer it.  We have to engage our students in the conversation around biodiversity loss and what we can do together to prevent it.

Here’s one way to start this week.

langurBe our VIP guest and bring your students, colleagues, administrators and everyone in your school community to a very important and unique virtual experience this Tuesday:

Racing Extinction: #StartWith1Thing Virtual Field Trip
November 18, 2015 1PM EST
Register now!

Plus, check out all sorts of resources including interactive lesson plans, a virtual reality video experience, classroom posters and more at


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