Lively Lessons: Thanksgiving

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Use these lesson starters to learn about the origins of Thanksgiving and discover how the traditions surrounding Thanksgiving have changed over time.

Venison, NOT turkey, was the signature dish at the table during America’s first Thanksgiving dinner.





K-5 Focus on Food Banks: After viewing the video segment “United States: Thanksgiving Food Bank” from Global Stories: 2010-11-18 on Discovery Education Streaming, ask students the following questions: What is a food bank? How are food banks a part of some people’s Thanksgiving holiday? In addition to sharing Thanksgiving at a food bank, what does the concept of a modern food bank have to do with the concept… Click here to access the full Thanksgiving content collection and all K-5 lesson starters.

6-8 Thanksgiving Myth Bustin’: Preview the video segment “Squanto’s Story and the First Thanksgiving” from America: Fact versus Fiction: Pilgrims and Witches on Discovery Education Streaming and generate several statements about the content. For example: Squanto was very well traveled, and he even traveled to Europe; Squanto helped the Pilgrims grow maize; There was no actual turkey dinner on the first Thanksgiving; and so on. These statements will be the prompts for students to apply critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Have students take out a sheet of paper and write the word… Click here to access the full Thanksgiving content collection and all 6-8 lesson starters.

9-12 What’s in a Tradition?: Share the video segment “United States and the United Kingdom: Black Friday” from Global Wrap: 2014-12-03 on Discovery Education Streaming with students. Encourage critical thinking and discussion by asking students the following questions: What is Black Friday? Why do you think this tradition started? Do you like the tradition? Why or why not? Is Black Friday a part of the Thanksgiving Page 3 Published by Discovery Education. All rights reserved. holiday? What evidence can you cite to support your point of view? What does Black Friday tell you about how traditions… Click here to access the full Thanksgiving content collection and all 9-12 lesson starters.

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