SOS Celebrates With DE through 25 (or more) Things You Didn’t Know…

#CelebrateWithDETis’ the season to spend time in thankful reflection of the people, places, things, and events that mean the most. Every day in my Facebook and Twitter feeds I see stories, images, and the faces of our community members which continually reminds me, how blessed I am to work along side each of you.

I am hoping that together we can pay honor to the SOS 25 Things You Didn’t Know by creating a list of 25 (or more) things people may not know about our community or the Discovery Education resources for which we’re most thankful.

Here’s one from me.


I am most thankful for our passionate community members, who in light of their tremendous work load, continue to ask for new opportunities to connect with educators and their classes to help create more engaging learning environments for teachers and students. 

You push our team to become more creative and seek partnerships with other educational leaders that share your vision. This month, I’m thankful that we can bring a program that will do exactly that!  GlobalLab and Zaption are partnering with our community to Celebrate the Holidays with a global collaborative project that will bring you resources, lesson starters, interactive tours, and an opportunity to connect with other participating classes.

A few weeks ago, we provided our Leadership Council a sneak peek and asked them to begin sharing.  It came as no surprise that many jumped at the opportunity and I’ll be sharing their stories in the weeks ahead. For now you can learn more and see their responses by checking out the Celebrate the Holidays project.

Share below, what other people, resources, programs, or components within our Discovery Education Community for which you’re most thankful.


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