3 Lessons Learned about 1:1 Device Initiatives

I recently asked members of the Discovery Education Community involved in a 1:1 device initiative to share a piece of advice.



Here are 3 lessons I learned:

It’s ok to take baby steps. Issue devices to teachers first and give them professional development support. Then roll them out to students if you need to over the course of a year. Continue with professional development during the roll-out.


Make sure you’re ready. Can your infrastructures handle the bandwidth? A wise man once told me that you’re only as fast as your weakest element. Make sure those shiny new devices have routers made to let them shine.



Understand that this changes everything. Implemented properly, with meaningful professional development and buy-in, 1:1 device initiatives transform the way we teach and learn.



That’s just a few of the things the teachers had to say. They had advice about models of change and models of adoption. They shared specific experiences from points all along the continuum of a 1:1 device initiative. I don’t know where your school or district are with getting devices into the hands of learners, but wherever you are, members of the Discovery Education Community are there rowing in the same direction. Why not join the conversation here on Facebook? There is a lot of support and advice waiting for you there.