SOS Holiday Twist: A Hanukkah Puzzle

We’re sharing DEN Star Holiday Twists on some of your favorite SOS strategies during this holiday season.  Check back each week for a new idea on using the SOS in your classroom.

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TPE (Think-Puzzle-Explore)

Original PDF and Vignette

Twist provided by Tally Burkhart from Tustin, CA.  You can learn more about Tally by following her on Twitter at @talzbee.

Are your students exploring different holidays this season?  Hanukkah is one that they will most likely encounter.  Help frame their exploration of the Jewish Festival of Lights by using the Think, Puzzle, Explore (TPE) SOS strategy. Looking for resources to get started? Access the Hanukkah Content Collection.

TPE  is similar to the graphic organizer KWL (What I know, what I want to know, and what I learned).  Set the TPE organizer up by having students fold a piece of paper into three columns and label them T (Think), P (puzzle) and E (explore). Before showing a Hanukkah video and information, ask students to fill-in the think section, writing what they may already know about Hanukkah. If they don’t have any prior knowledge, have them guess about what it may be. Next, show the video and allow students to write the questions or ideas they want answers to in the P (puzzle) section. After the video ends, have students work in small groups or together as a whole class, and share their questions. To put the puzzle together, they must then explore, and write their answers in the E section.

Scaffold your students by playing the video a second time and pausing it where answers may be found. Consider creating a Discovery Education Board that contains images, vocabulary words, websites or additional videos to help students find out more about Hanukkah.  After completing the activity, you can have them create their own visual or board that tells what they’ve learned about Hanukkah.

Learn more about holidays and #CelebratewithDE by participating in our Celebrate the Holidays with Discovery Education global collaborative project exploring holidays around the world and the elements that make them unique with access to lesson plans, resources, and even an interactive Zaption Hanukkah tour.



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