5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – December Edition

50We made it to #50! Dean and I are so thankful to every one of our participants that took time to share their work by creating a video throughout this year.  We encourage you to review all 50 of these strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom by reviewing each archive post.

Dean kicked things off by sharing the the Spotlight on Strategies Four Corners.  He also gave a quick reminder of how to join the DEN Friends Facebook group so that you can connect with our UK friends and more.

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Next, Kevin Anderle shared how he uses the Social Studies Techbook throughout his project based learning units.  You can see the unit overview he references here.

To learn more ways the Techbooks are used in classrooms, check out these blogs.


Dean brought our attention back to Discovery Education’s Celebrate the Holidays collaborative learning experience going on now.  We’re very excited about classrooms connecting with other classrooms on this project.  We encourage you to watch the video overview from STAR Discovery Educator Diane Lefebvre on the overview website.

Additionally, Lea Anne Daughrity shared how this project has made an impact on her students.


We turned our attention to one of our free partner program resources, Dig Into Mining: The Story of Copper.  Thanks to Discovery Education Program Champion Karen Wells for sharing an overview.


Although we typically only share one of these programs per month, our community was so jazzed about the recently launched Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers program we couldn’t resist.  Thanks for your video Patti Grammens.


Karen Ogen wrapped up the event sharing the Tundra Connections virtual field trips and more from the partnership between the DEN and Polar Bears International. Check out the content collection inside of Discovery Education for these experiences and more.


If you enjoyed this webinar series, have questions or comments, or just want to chat more feel free to reach out to us.

Dean Shareski – @shareski

Kyle Schutt – @ktschutt


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