Fun Fact Friday: Star Wars

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

With the release of “The Force Awakens”, it seems like the perfect time to highlight some fun facts about Star Wars! For example, did you know that the phrase “I have a bad feeling about this” is spoken in every single film? It’s true!

Here are some other fun facts about Star Wars:

  • Before he was in Star Wars, Harrison Ford was George Lucas’ carpenter, as referenced in a previous Fun Fact Friday.
  • The word “Ewok” was never spoken in Return of the Jedi, and was only shown in the credits for the film.
  • Samuel L. Jackson’s character had the first purple lightsaber, because the actor specifically requested it. His reasoning was simple… so it would be easy to spot him in the large battle scenes.
  • In order to keep the production secret, Return of the Jedi was shot with the working title “Blue Harvest” and purported to be a horror film.
  • Actor Ewan McGregor had a tendency to make his own lightsaber sounds with his mouth, which later had to be edited out of the film.
  • The members of NSYNC had a cameo appearance in Attack of the Clones, at the behest of George Lucas’ daughter, but ended up on the cutting room floor.
  • A disco version of the Star Wars theme was released in the late 70’s and actually reached number 1 on the charts. Incredibly, it stayed there for 2 weeks.

Ready for more Star Wars fun? Check out Sci Fi Science with Michio Kaku: How to Build a Lightsaber on Discovery Education Streaming!


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