SOS Holiday Twist: Kwanzaa Collage

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Original PDF and Vignette

Twist provided by Tally Burkhart from Tustin, CA.  You can learn more about Tally by following her on Twitter at @talzbee.

Kwanzaa, an African-American celebration of harvest and community, is celebrated from December 26 to January 1 each year.  Many students are not familiar with Kwanzaa.  Use a Collage created with digital images to help your students build background knowledge about this celebration.

Begin by creating a digital collage with Kwanzaa images that you’ve selected.  You could do this on a Discovery Board or in a variety of different digital presentation software applications or collage bankers.  Show the collage to students and ask them to view it  without giving them any background information.   Next, have them work together to generate a list of words that describe the images they see in the collage. Ask them to also discuss any similarities or differences they see in the images.

Finally, working in teams of two, ask students to explain what they believe the photos represent. Have them write their ideas on chart paper and then have small groups share with the class. Once shared, determine if students were able to accurately reflect/predict what the holiday is all about.  Make sure to clear up misunderstandings or add more images to the collage to help clarify what Kwanzaa is about.


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