DfE updates: Assessment

With all the changes to assessment, this first post in our ‘DfE updates’ series brings together some resources from the DfE that may be of use.

This summary video from the Standards and Testing Agency (just over 10 minutes) details the key changes for primary schools, KS1 and KS2.

This is the final report of the Commission on assessment without levels which provides schools with rationale behind the changes; the purposes and principles of assessment, and guidance on collection and reporting data as well as what assessment policies should look like.

Included in it is clarification on mastery and guidance for assessment policies with a list of 6 components to consider in writing policy.

It reiterates that Ofsted will not expect to see any ‘specific frequency, type or volume of marking and feedback’, what is important is that marking and feedback are in line with the school assessment policy.

The NAHT have produced assessment framework materials. These may be of interest for schools forming new policies.

It would be great to hear how assessment is going in your school or any other comments – please use the box below!

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