Lottery Isn’t The Only Thing You Can Win: Enter The Ultimate Cool School Sweepstakes

On a day when millions are rushing to buy tickets for the record breaking lottery, don’t forget you can also win big for your school in the Siemens Science Day Ultimate Cool School Sweepstakes.  You can win free yearlong access to Discovery Education Science for your school. Unlike the lottery you can enter for free each day, now till February 25, 2016.


Discovery Education Science is a compelling and interactive resource for students – a perfect addition to your science curriculum.

“In ESOL we have used Discovery Science as a visual resource for many of the grade levels!! Not only does it help to clarify content for them, we have filled in the gaps in their background knowledge too. Recently I have used it for second grade weather and volcanoes. We think it has great value for our students.”

-Mary Lou

Teacher, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School,  Manassas, VA



Sweepstakes closes February 25, 2016 

Siemens Science Day, an online platform for K-6 teachers, offers more than 150 hands-on activities and tools to bring your science classroom to life.