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SOS Big IdeaThis cooperative learning technique allows students to review information with their peers by asking and answering questions. Working with peers in a collaborative manner builds confidence, encourages greater participation, and leads to thoughtful discussions (The Teacher Tool Kit). Student engagement increases, and information is better retained, when students discuss and assess each other.


SOS StepsMaterials: media from Discovery Education (video segment, reading passage, or song), index cards, writing utensils, timer

  1. Choose media from Discovery Education based on your current unit of study. Preview the media and prepare several meaningful questions or vocabulary terms based on the content. 
  2. Present the questions or vocabulary to the students prior to viewing, listening, or reading the selected media segment. 
  3. After reviewing the media, have the students work collaboratively to answer the questions or create definitions for the vocabulary terms. Ensure the answers are correct. 
  4. Assign groups a question or vocabulary term and have them create flashcards. Each member of the team will create the same flashcard. 
  5. Once the flash cards have been created, have students walk around the room and find a partner, quiz each other on the question or term, trade cards, and find a new partner. Allow enough time for students to find partners representing each of the questions or terms. 
  6. When the time is up, have the students return to their seats and discuss as a whole group.

SOS Sum It Up

This strategy engages all students by differentiating the presentation of the concept, allowing students to work in groups, and providing an opportunity for them to take ownership of learned content.


SOS More Ideas

  •  Allow students to create a Board Builder based on the questions and answers or the vocabulary terms in the content.
  • Have students write a blog post or a reflection on the content, in order to reach a more global audience.

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