The Best of TBD…..

It’s always great to see a blog post with the words “Best of” in it, right? When I see a post like that, it grabs my attention. Whether it’s The Best Apps for Storytelling, Best Websites for Teaching and Learning, or The Best Ways to Waste Time on the Internet, these sites are sure to interest most people. We’re going to start a blog series with Best of in the title, but we’re not sure what the rest should be so for now, it’s called “The Best of TBD.” What’s TBD? It stands for To Be Determined. The reason I picked this title is simply due to the fact that I’m not quite sure what other title works yet. What we want to do with this series is highlight some of the great things educators are sharing on social media related to Discovery Education. These won’t be tweets from DE, they will come from you, the community. For now, we’ll be sharing tweets from community members and partner schools that highlight the great connections with Discovery Education.

Could the title be “The Best Tweets from the Community” or “The Best of the Community” or something else? I’m not sure, but I’d love to hear your suggestions. The Best of TBD certainly doesn’t work so please suggest something better.

This week, let’s take a look at these great interactions on Twitter from the Discovery Education Community. By the way, if you’re not connected to these great educators, click “Follow” on their tweets and connect!


If you see a great tweet from the community, send it my way. I’m Chad




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