Fun Fact Friday: Back to the Future’s DeLorean

Photo: DeLorean Motor Co

Did you know that after 30 years of being out of production, the futuristic car made famous by Back to the Future is coming back to the present? It’s true!

The DeLorean, with its distinctive gull wing doors, was manufactured by a company in Ireland that had ceased production on the cars, but kept thousands of parts in storage. Those parts, the company name, and the rights to manufacture the vehicle were bought up by a new company in Texas.

DeLorean Motor Co plans to start building the stainless steel cars in 2017, and already has buyers on a waiting list. They’ve announced that they plan to make about 300 new cars from the parts they have in storage, and that the engines will be the only updated and modern parts in the vehicle.

Naturally, Twitter is abuzz with excitement from Back to the Future aficionados, with their only complaint being that the new cars will not include a flux capacitor, or the ability to fly!


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  1. Abhishek Jain said:

    DeLorean is looking awesome and I love this beast. Hoping to get this one day. Thanks Discovery for this amazing news 🙂

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