Lively Lesson: Groundbreaking African Americans

Join Discovery Education for a Virtual Viewing Party on Tuesday, February 23, at 1 PM ET, as students across the country simultaneously share in the story of Ruby Bridges, the first black student to attend an all-white elementary school in Louisiana.

Afterward, take part in a virtual discussion and share reflections, comments, and questions and #CelebrateWithDE.

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Can you imagine being the very first person to do something? What if that achievement was significant not only because of the accomplishment itself, but also because it meant facing and overcoming prejudices and barriers?

In this activity, students consider what it must have been like for African Americans who led groundbreaking lives, and they imagine what social media might have looked like on the eve of some of those great accomplishments.

Using SOS: Fakebook as a guide, have students create digital or analog “Facebook” profiles for black heroes with images, text, significant dates, biographical information, and contemporary relationships. Ask students to focus on the night before a significant event occurred, such as the night before Jackie Robinson took the field for the first time with the Dodgers, and post status updates in the voice and mindset of their subject.

Complete this activity with students doing a gallery walk and leaving comments of encouragement or reflection on the profile pages. Share a photo of student projects with #CelebrateWithDE.

Explore these Discovery Education resources about some African American groundbreakers:

Frederick Douglass, Josephine Baker, Jackie Robinson, Althea Gibson, Thurgood Marshall, Wilma Rudolph, Barack Obama


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