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Persuade Me

PDF and Vignette Version

SOS Big IdeaStephen Toulmin identified six specific elements of a persuasive argument. You can teach students to identify and create an effective argument using Toulmin’s elements. This model begins with a claim, the grounds or data to support the claim, and a warrant that links the grounds to the claim. Other elements include the backing, which provides additional support for the warrant; qualifiers, which may be included to strengthen the data through words like always, most, sometimes; and rebuttals, which include counter-arguments. 

Using a video segment, this strategy will provide students an opportunity to use all the elements of Toulmin’s model to develop a persuasive argument.

SOS Steps


Materials:  video clip or reading selection, Toulmin’s model sheet

  1. Teach students the specific elements of Toulmin’s model.
  2. Choose a video clip or reading passage that provides students with a scenario that includes a claim and data to support the claim.
  3. Begin the video, stopping at appropriate times to discuss the claim that is being made, the data necessary to make the claim, and the warrants and backing that support the claim. Also, discuss the possible counter-arguments and develop rebuttals for them.

SOS Sum It Up


This strategy helps students create a persuasive argument using Toulmin’s model. Students will understand the importance of using data to support a claim, providing additional support, and using counter-arguments in rebuttals. 
This strategy also helps students look at an argument from different perspectives and replace emotion with evidence when supporting a claim.

  • SOS More IdeasUse this strategy to help students prepare for a debate. 
  • For additional examples of Toulmin’s Model read Toulmin’s Analysis.

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