Heavy Metal Rocks: New Dig Into Mining Experience is Live!


The phone you cherish, the computer you work on, the television you watch and the lights in your house are all fans of heavy metal.  They love it and you do to, or at least you should.  Hold off on your head banging though, I’m talking about copper. A wonderful soft, malleable and ductile element that is essential to our daily lives.  You literally would die without it, kind of like Metallica, but that may only apply to me.  So, how do we get the copper we need in our lives? The copper in your phone or on your computer came from somewhere and probably looked very different than it’s current form when found.

Freeport-McMoRan and Discovery Education, through Dig Into Mining The Story of Copper, have launched a brand new digital exploration, From Ore to More, that investigates this idea.

Check out the new virtual learning simulation where students will navigate three stages of copper processing and meet mining experts who describe their roles in the operations phase of mining, and share information about the equipment and processes used in each stage.  A lot has to happen before the copper can come close to being used in your phone.


Learn more about From Ore to More in 60sec or less