Slavery, Abolitionists, and the Underground Railroad

Join Discovery Education for a Virtual Viewing Party on Tuesday, February 23, at 1 PM ET, as students across the country simultaneously share in the story of Ruby Bridges, the first black student to attend an all-white elementary school in Louisiana.

Afterward, take part in a virtual discussion and share reflections, comments, and questions and #CelebrateWithDE.

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Coffle_circleTo help students better understand the realities of life before the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment, have groups of students focus on different aspects of slavery through a SOS: Jigsaw activity.


Douglass_circleDivide students into groups, and assign each group a topic from the Discovery Education video series, America’s Journey Through Slavery. Topics include:

Tubman_circleHave each group study their resource, identifying 3-5 important facts or completing journal entries about their topic. Have students return to their original groups to share out the information they learned and get the pieces of information their peers learned.

JRobExplore the Black History Month Content Collection, featuring resources selected and created by Discovery Education’s curriculum experts, including lesson starters, video clips, songs, and more, and delve into the lives of African Americans who made history.


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