SOS: Flip Flop

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Flip Flop

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SOS Big Idea

This strategy is based on the “I used to think…. Now I think…” Visible Thinking Routine, developed by Harvard’s Project Zero. It challenges students to reflect on their own thinking as it relates to the content being addressed in a topic or unit of study. This type of thinking requires students to carefully consider their preconceptions and how their thinking changes over time.


SOS StepsMaterials: a media selection that has the potential to change a student’s opinion or stance on a topic, paper, writing utensils

  1. Share the media selection with students.
  2. Next, have students respond to the following language frame:I used to think____________, but now I think__________________.”
  3. Have students share and discuss their responses in pairs or small groups.


SOS Sum It UpThis simple strategy provides a guide for student reflections and forces them to slow down and exercise metacognition. In the midst of a unit, this routine could be used as both a self-assessment and a formative assessment that could guide lesson planning and instruction.


SOS More Ideas

  • Use this strategy as part of your regular Interactive Notebook or Exit Slip routines for simple, yet meaningful, reflections on class learning activities.
  • Use this strategy to play a collaboration game in which students complete only one half of the sentence I used to __________, but now I __________… about anything. Then, have the students line up, in face-to-face pairs, to read their parts of the sentence aloud. See what silliness ensues.

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