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The Discovery Educator Network is more than a group of dedicated educators who are integrating Discovery Education into their classrooms.  It is a professional learning community composed of many different interests and passions.  iMake iLearn stems from the ideas that DEN members are sharing.

Wondering where this sharing is taking place?  One of the most popular locations is on Facebook in the DEN Maker Spaces group.  If you have a question, someone has an answer.  The iMake iLearn blog series will feature the ideas shared in that group, focusing on the topic of ‘making’ in the classroom, school, and community.  We will be highlighting DEN members who are sharing their ideas for ‘making’ and organizing a monthly hangout around specific topics related to the maker movement.  This month we will be focusing on how to start a makerspace or maker faire.

Where do you start?  Jump into the conversation by joining DEN Maker Spaces.

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