#CelebrateWithDE – Valentine’s Day

Looking for Valentine’s Day resources, lesson starters, and strategies for your classroom?  Explore the Valentine’s Day Content Collection for curated resources from curriculum experts.


One way to integrate Valentine’s Day into your planning is to have students create curriculum valentines.  Challenge their creativity and cleverness as they express concepts and connections through divergent thinking.


Have students create a valentine pun or joke about a scientific principle, math concept, or grammar rule they are currently studying, then have them illustrate it with their own drawings or with digital resources.

For example, “I think about you periodically.”


Babe_Ruth_heartHonoring History

Have students select an historic person they admire or respect, then create a valentine expressing their appreciation or encouragement.  Ask students to elaborate on the back of their card with more information about their selection.

For example, “Hey, Babe – you’re a home run!”


Falls_heartDifferent Perspective

Have students create valentines from one literary character to another.  These may be expressions of love, admiration, or mutual respect.

For example, What did Sherlock Holmes say to Professor Moriarty? “I’m really falling for you.”


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