The Camping Trip Egg Drop

Every week we are sharing another great STEM activity that will inspire teachers and students. This week we will combine a fun family event with an old classic, “The Egg Drop.” This exciting challenge  will be introduced by DEN Star, Kim Miller, from Boise, Idaho. Students will be asked to design a contraption that will safely move an egg down a hill. Included with this activity are great digital media ideas from Discovery Education, a virtual field trip opportunity, and some career connections. Enjoy!

Community STEM Challenge and Video

Discovery Education Digital Media Connections:

Virtual Field Trips


  • Paratroopers are soldiers specially trained to carry out parachuting duties in combat situations.
  • Skydiving is a sport that involves diving thousands of feet through the air before deploying a parachute and floating to safety. Skydiving instructors teach people how to do this safely. Instructors also go on tandem jumps, in which they are tethered to untrained jumpers.
  • Parachute riggers work with parachutes on the ground, repairing, handling and packing them.
  • Parachute manufacturers employ a variety of people involved in the production of parachutes for military and civilian customers.

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