Five Love Stories That Will Re-Ignite Your Passion for Education


Have you been searching for resources in all the wrong places? Have long hours, late nights and low achievement rates left you feeling broken hearted?

We know how much you love your job. But we also know how hard it can sometimes be. So we’ve put together a few touching stories that might just make you fall in love all over again.

From the Heart, a new series from Discovery Education, showcases powerful stories from passionate educators who’ve found inspiration and greater purpose in the most unlikely of places – airports, volleyball courts…even prison. These are real stories from real educators, just like you. So grab a box of chocolates and enjoy!

Why This Career Corrections Officer Went Back to Middle School

For more than 15 years, Michael Pillsbury was paid to put people in prison or make sure they stayed there. And it was that experience that led him to become a teacher.

How a Random Encounter with an Airport Cleaning Lady Changed This Teacher’s Destination

After seven years of teaching, the long hours, late nights, and stress had caught up to him. He was ready to do something else, so he left the school system and took a job as a director of marketing for a firm.

A Broken Calculator Led This Future Actuary into a Career in Education

Mark Schommer was planning to be an actuary, until a broken calculator changed his life. Schommer was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. It was the day of his Calculus 2 final, and he was hurrying across campus to take the exam with a fellow math major, Josh. Then Josh dropped his calculator.

Teaching is All in the Family for This Rock Hill Educator

Queenie Hall tried not to go into education. Sure, her mom was a teacher for more than 40 years and her sister was an educator. But Queenie wanted a different path.

How This Renowned Volleyball Coach Found Her True Calling in Teaching STEM

Some teachers are born into education; they come from a family of educators and never really could see themselves becoming anything but a teacher. Others are inspired into education; they had a teacher who was so inspirational and so excellent, it changed their lives. Becoming an educator was a way to pay that forward. But Tina Garrett’s story is a little different.

Do you have a story to tell?

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