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Listen Up

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SOS Big IdeaAn important aspect of listening for academic study is the ability to take in information and synthesize the concepts. Students must be able to demonstrate this skill to be successful within the classroom or college and career ready. This strategy uses digital media and allows students to pay close but separate attention to both sights and sounds.


SOS StepsMaterials: video segment approximately 3-5 minutes in length, headphones

  1. Select a segment that matches your current unit of study.
  2. Explain to students they will be taking part in a series of listening and viewing activities.
  3. Select one student to listen to the video segment using headphones. Explain that the listener is responsible for synthesizing the information he or she hears and sharing it with the class.
  4. Explain to the remaining students they are the viewers. They will be watching the segment with no audio. They should pay careful attention to the details within the video and make internal predictions about what the narrator is sharing.
  5. Play the video segment for 30-45 seconds.
  6. Pause the segment and ask the viewers to share what details they noticed in the clip and any assumptions about what was said in the audio.
  7. Ask the listener to summarize the information heard in the audio portion of the clip.
  8. Ask the entire class to share what they predict will happen next.
  9. Select a new volunteer to be the listener and repeat the process.
  10. After the entire segment is complete, replay the video with the audio for the entire class.
SOS Sum It Up
This strategy develops listening comprehension and oral summarization skills. Increased listening comprehension and summarizing skills can lead to better reading comprehension and deeper understanding of the content.

SOS More Ideas


  • This strategy can be used with students of any age or grade level and in any content area.
  • Following this activity, assign students different tasks to work on such as summarizing main idea, identifying academic vocabulary, and creating timelines

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