Fun Fact Friday: Tidal Generators

Photo Credit: Dani 7C3

Did you know that machines have been built to harness the power of the ocean, and turn it into electricity? It’s true!

These machines are called tidal generators, because they rely on the movement of the tides and waves in the ocean to spin one or more turbines, the movement of which is converted into electrical energy. While tidal generators are not commonly used at this time, they are more reliable than wind turbines and solar power, because the ocean is always moving!

Tidal power is naturally reliant on there being an ocean nearby, so it’s probably not likely to ever become a primary source of power for many parts of the globe. However, since it is a source of renewable  energy, it’s still a valuable resource in a world with diminishing fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource.

Want to learn more about tidal power? Check out Harnessing Tidal Power, on Discovery Education Streaming!


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