Lively Lessons: Civil Rights Movement


Lively Lesson by Discovery Education’s Emily Hayes.  Prior to joining Discovery Education, Emily was an educator and a Magnet Program Director in Montgomery County, MD.  




Join Discovery Education for a Virtual Viewing Party on Tuesday, February 23, at 1 PM ET, as students across the country simultaneously share in the story of Ruby Bridges, the first black student to attend an all-white elementary school in Louisiana.


Student_Little Rock_circleMany images of activists and moments from the Civil Rights Movement have become iconic symbols of barriers surmounted and prejudices overcome. By viewing these images closely today, students transport themselves to the time, place, and moment in history to better understand the impact of those people and that time.

This Lively Lesson features an adaptation of SOS: Half the Picture.  Instead of using parts of images as cues for prediction and connections, students unpack images to identify details or imagery that help convey a larger story.

PlessyvFerguson_circleHave students select an image of a person, place, or moment from the Civil Rights Movement. Ask students to identify at least five interesting details, from clothing and objects to expressions and shadows.

Then, have students describe each detail individually and what it suggests about the person or that moment. Finally, have students document those details and parts of the image in a tool like Discovery Education Board Builder, arranging in an order that tells the most powerful story, like in this example.

Explore these Discovery Education images:

Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ruby Bridges, Malcolm X, Civil Rights Demonstrators, Selma March

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