Take 5: What’s Your Brand Promise

Join Sarah Cummins, Discovery Education’s Director of Strategic Marketing and Communication, as she helps you discover “What’s your brand promise?”

What is the trifecta of powerful communication? How do you proactively ensure that the right message, goes to the right audience, at the right time?

In this session, Sarah will provide tips, tricks, and challenges for you to work with your key stakeholders to develop a brand or promise, as a simple statement or visual, that embodies your vision and mission while differentiating what your school or district has to offer from others.

Take 5 is a video series designed for and by educational leaders (principals, superintendents, district leadership, etc) that highlights trending educational issues, ideas, and strategies around transforming teaching and learning. Learn more.

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Sarah Cummins Discovery Education Sarah Cummins is the National Director of Strategic Marketing for Discovery Education and works to galvanize the brand vision, position and storyline for a collection of products and services. Ensuring consistency across all functionalities, Sarah is focused on effective delivery of product specific, audience relevant content.
Prior to Discovery Education, Sarah served as the Deputy Director of Marketing for the Illinois Lottery for 10 years, overseeing strategy, creative and public relations, as well as retail distribution for their multi-product portfolio. Her 20-year career has included marketing strategy for jazz label, A440 Music Group, as well as CBS and Clear Channel.


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