The Billy Goats Build a Raft!

This week on Community STEM we will combine a STEM activity with a classic fairy tale. That troll is up to his old tricks again.  He insists that the Billy Goats cannot cross over his bridge. After a brief conversation, the Billy Goats decide that they wouldn’t be breaking the rules if they build a raft to cross the stream. Your task is to use materials to build this raft so that it floats and holds a certain amount of weight. As an extension, use various materials to build replicas of famous vessels.

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Community STEM Challenge and Video

  • PDF and Video Link (Thanks to Kamala Schuster from Denver, Colorado for lending her voice to the video)

Discovery Education Digital Media Connections:

Virtual Field Trips

Careers (From Maritime Skills Alliance in the UK) Also comparable to the US and Canada

  • Design
    • Naval Architect (Yacht Designer) 
    • Yacht Designer (Boat Designer)
    • CAD Technician
  • Manufacturing
    • Boat Builder (Yacht Builder, Boat Repairer)
    • Boat Fitter (Marine Craftsperson)
    • Marine Engineer 
    • Electrics/Electronics Engineer

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