#CelebrateWithDE – National Read Across America Day

On March 2, National Read Across America Day, #CelebrateWithDE and join FableVision and Discovery Education for a live read aloud from award-winning authors and illustrators Peter H. and Paul A. Reynolds.


Live streaming from the FableVision Studios, we will go behind-the-scenes as they reveal their newest projects, share their creative process, and answer student questions.


Sunflowers_by_Vincent_Van_Gogh_circleExplore activities that you can use with your classes before, during, and after the live event to enrich and extend the learning experience. Join the live discussion or share pictures or learning artifacts from your classroom on Twitter @DiscoveryEd with #CelebrateWithDE.

Not on Twitter?  Go to this Padlet and share reflections, photos, and outcomes, while seeing what other classes have to say.  You do not need to register or have a username to use Padlet – just click anywhere on the screen and start typing.

Essential Questions

  • Where do writers and artists get their ideas?
  • What inspires people to write and make art?
  • How does collaboration expand the creative process?
  • How is creativity part of everyday life?

Self_Portrait_with_Diego_On_My_Breast_by_Frida_Kahlo_circleBefore Viewing

Use SOS: Picture It to do an image sort with works of art. This strategy provides a visual stimulus and scaffold for students as they analyze and discuss different mediums, styles, techniques, and subjects of art and artists.

Suggested images include: Dancer by Degas, Elective Affinities by Magritte, Woman by Picasso, Etching by Hopper, Water Lilies by Monet, Brown Madonna by Reiss, Sunflowers by Van Gogh, Self-Portrait by Kahlo, Figure with Hand Raised by Calder, Self-Portrait by Cezanne

After doing the image sort, share with students that they are going to be learning from twin brothers, Peter and Paul Reynolds, who are both artists that write and illustrate books for children. Just like the artists who made the works of art they sorted and categorized, Peter and Paul each have a unique style, point of view, and creative process, which they will be sharing today.

Self_Portrait_by_Paul_Cezanne_circleDuring Viewing

Inspired by SOS: Get Your Thinking Hat On, this parallel thinking strategy is a tool for group discussion and individual thinking. Divide students into groups and assign each group a point-of-view “hat” to wear while watching the content. Suggested FableVision-style “hats” include:

Artists – Artists are looking for examples of beauty or artistry that they observe during the event. What caught your eye about the FableVision studios? In the story?

Innovators – Innovators are looking for examples of problems or challenges that were solved differently, or examples of new ways of thinking.

Collaborators – Collaborators are watching for examples of when two heads were better than one and where teamwork made a project better.

Storytellers – Storytellers are watching for examples of information conveyed as a story. What were important details of the story? What were the lessons learned? What made the story exciting or interesting?

Wonderers – Wonderers are the question-askers. What do you want to learn more about? What was intriguing about what you learned?

Share with students that they should be looking for examples from the point-of-view of their “hat” both in the read aloud story and in the life and works of Peter and Paul Reynolds. As students watch the event, have students jot down notes from their perspective.

Upon conclusion, have students share their perspective in mixed “hat” groups and then with others from the same “hat”, comparing and contrasting perspectives and details shared.

Head_of_a_Woman_by_Pablo_Picasso_circleAfter Viewing

Use SOS: Instagram-in and have students respond to an essential question. By leveraging the popular social media tool that focus on imagery and prompts summarization and generalization, students think critically about what images best represent their understanding and then create accompanying statements through short comments and hashtags to communicate that understanding.




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