Where’s DENSI? It’s here.

The time has come to reveal the location of the 2016 DEN Summer Institute.  A location known to only a few even within Discovery Education.  So where will the Summer Institute be?  I’m not just going to tell you. That’s far too easy for the mighty brains that read this blog.  I will give you a hint though.  The first of several.

In the age of google, throwing out an obscure reference to a particular place can easily be solved, but I shall try nonetheless.


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible in this place where the music of Gehry plays.


Speaking of doing the impossible, have you seen the amazing projects that middle school students develop at the 3M Young Scientist Challenge?  They are amazing. If you students haven’t registered for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge it’s incredibly easy.  In fact, your students can join America’s Top Young Scientist, Hannah Herbst, Tuesday, March 8 at 1PM ET to learn how she entered.  Register Today.


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  1. Sonja fehlmann said:

    He went to USC so is that the “play” or that he did the Walt Disney Concert Hall??

  2. Sonja Fehlmann said:

    Well, Gehry went to USC and designed the Walt Disney Concert Hall…. both of those are different forms of “play”…..so, is it Los Angeles???

  3. Sheila Fredericks said:

    Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, New World Center in Miami, Experience Music Hall in Seattle, University of Cincinnati, or maybe Toronto, his birthplace?

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