Where’s DENSI? It’s Here.

No matter where the DEN Summer Institute is, there’s always too little time spent together.  There’s so much to see and do.  So many ideas and so many great conversations. If you’ve never applied or apply every year to the DEN Summer Institute, I encourage you to this year. After this clue, you’ll have two final clues prior to the reveal. Lots of wonderful deducted reasoning going on.  Keep up the great work.

We often arrive at the beginning and find ourselves in the confines of friendly university dorms. Then, though we may think we haven’t seen anything good, a week full of wonderful jewels unfolds. In the end, though we go on our separate ways. Still the memory stays for always.

Whether you’re traveling to/from the institute, or really every time you’re driving, remember to be safe. There are great resources found at Toyota and Discovery Education’s TeenDrive365 in School.  There’s still time for your students to take part in the TeenDrive365 Video Challenge.  All videos need to be submitted by March 7.




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