Where’s DENSI? It’s Here. Hints Explained.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did with the hints for DENSI 2016.  This is such a resourceful group, it was hard to keep even the most obscure clue from being brought to light within minutes of the post. Now that the exact location has been revealed, kudos to those that guessed correctly, I thought I’d break down the hints for you.  It’ll give those not familiar with Chicago a taste of this wonderful city and what awaits them at DENSI 2016.

In all, there were 20 references linking back to Chicago.  Here’s the breakdown.


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible in this place where the music of Gehry plays.


  • “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” –  A quote from Walt Disney who was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901
  • “the music of Gehry plays.” – A reference to the Frank Gehry designed bandshell at Pritzker Music Pavilion in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.


State of raising bridges, where the reverse is the norm.


  • “State of raising bridges…” – A reference to State St. bridge and the many drawbridges found in Chicago
  • “…where the reverse is the norm.” – The Chicago River was completely reversed in 1900.


Beach towels and flip flops are required as we’ll spend evenings listening to the aqua waters crash into the sandy shore.


  • “Beach towels and flip flops are required…” – Chicago sports 24 sandy beaches along Lake Michigan, with the largest right at Loyola.

Water - Beach Hancock

  • “…aqua waters…” – The color Lake Michigan is a bright aqua on sunny summer days, but this is also a reference to the “crash” of waves architecture in the unique Aqua Tower.


This magnificent place, with an attitude of defiance. It’s no wonder the Picasso, van Gogh and Renoir could be found hanging around or on the prowl.


  • “...magnificent place...” – Michigan Avenue is known as The Magnificent Mile and is Chicago’s upscale shopping district.


  • “…attitude of defiance…” & “…on the prowl.” – The entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago is flanked by two lions. They are unofficially named In an Attitude of Defiance and On the Prowl.
  • “…Picasso, van Gogh and Renoir could be found hanging around…” – The Art Institute of Chicago has these brilliant artists’ works hanging as well as many others.


We often arrive at the beginning and find ourselves in the confines of friendly university dorms. Then, though we may think we haven’t seen anything good, a week full of wonderful jewels unfolds. In the end, though we go on our separate ways. Still the memory stays for always.


  • “…confines of friendly university dorms…” – A little tricky, but a reference to the Friendly Confines, otherwise known as Wrigley Field.


  • “…we haven’t seen anything good…” & “…though we go on our separate ways. Still the memory stays for always.” – Several clever, John Hughes fans figured out this one.  They come from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Ferris dedicates the song Danke Schoen to someone (Cameron) who thinks they haven’t seen anything good that day.
  • “…wonderful jewels…” – I think this one may have been the most obscure reference of them all. The major grocery store chain in Chicagoland is Jewel-Osco or simply the Jewel.



Traveling to new elevations or hanging with Sue, there’s always a great view to explore. Cool bean award to those who’ve participated in this tour. It’s definitely my kind of town.


  • “Traveling to new elevations…” – Chicago has elevated trains or the “El” rather than a bunch of underground subway lines. The Red Line runs both underground in downtown and then elevated on the north side. A convenient Red Line stop is right at Loyola University.


  • “…hanging with Sue”  -“SUE” is the largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found and resides at The Field Museum in Chicago.


  • “Cool bean award…” – The Bean or its real name Cloud Gate, is an amazing sculpture and centerpiece in Millennium Park.

The Bean 2

  • “…my kind of town.”  – Chicago is my kind of town.  My Kind of Town famously sung by Frank Sinatra




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