Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Vancouver Edition

This was our second Vancouver Ignite event and proved to be even better than the first time around. Within 4 days the event sold out. This is an indication of the passionate educators in the area who value the opportunity to connect with each other in this powerful format. Of the 80 attendees, about a third had never attended before. Among the many highlights was introducing folks to an up and coming comedian who happens to be friends with Jason Bucherri who works on the Canadian Discovery Partnership team. Joey shared his story of dealing with bi-polar syndrome in a wonderfully humorous way. Along with Joey we continue to have outstanding presenters.

Doing the job of archiving the evening was Rose Pillay. Rose is a staple at these kinds of events and does a great job of capturing the night. Have a look at her outstanding storify as she tells beautiful stories and follow her on Twitter.

If you see an Ignite in your area or would like to have one in your area, contact me, dean_shareski@discovery.com or Kelly Hines kelly_hines@discovery.com . We’d love to explore and support your learning journeys.

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