SOS: Reporter’s Notebook

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Reporter’s Notebook

PDF and Vignette Version

SOS Big IdeaWhen analyzing a situation, it is sometimes difficult to separate facts from thoughts and feelings. Reporter’s Notebook is a strategy that will teach students to use explicit evidence to separate fact from feeling. This strategy works well in the midst of an investigation or when all evidence is not yet apparent.

SOS StepsMaterials: video clip or article, paper, writing utensils

  1. Choose a video clip or article.
  2. Have the class watch a portion of the video clip or read the article.
  3. Have students write down the facts and feelings they heard or read. (Use a copy of this grid or have students create their own.) ReportersNotebook
  4. Ask a student to state a fact they heard in the video clip or read in the article
  5. Ask the class if it is a clear fact or if they need more information.
  6. Repeat this process until students have stated all the facts. 
  7. Ask a student to state a thought or feeling they heard in the video clip or read in 
    the article.
  8. Ask class if this is a clear thought or if they need more information. 
  9. Continue until students have shared all their thoughts or feelings.
  10. Encourage students to discuss the facts from the video or article and separate them from their own thoughts.
  11. When ?nished, have students make an informed judgment about the video or article.


SOS Sum It UpThis strategy helps students use their judgement to determine facts and separate them from feelings.




SOS More Ideas
  • Use this strategy when considering real or imaginary moral dilemmas.
  • Separate fact from feeling after reading a chapter in a novel.
  • Analyze history using this strategy to clarify facts and discuss feelings.

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