School Leaders Gathering Feedback from their Community

In this installment of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Monica Armenta, Executive Director of the Albuquerque Public Schools’ Communications Department.

Monica’s One Idea focuses on the importance of school leaders gathering firsthand feedback from the families they serve.  Watch the video below to learn more, then visit the website of Albuquerque Public Schools’ Communications Department for additional information about the work of Monica’s team.


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  1. Christian Axios said:

    “A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible”

    Good Evening Mr. Soule and Mrs Middleton,

    I am a professional speaker certified by John Beede and John Maxwell. I speak to high school students about the skills needed to shape and practice leadership qualities. Personal identity, teamwork and communication is my three step formula for a future of success in today’s world . I would love to come and speak to a group of students about the importance of practicing these traits at a young age to promote positive development within themselves and their communities.

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