From Hertzfeld to Home: A Farm to Table Virtual Field Trip

Join us Live on Monday, March 14th at 1PM ET

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On Monday, March 14th we encourage you to join us for a virtual field trip where we’ll explore how farm-fresh eggs travel from the family farm to your dining table.

What To Expect

If this is your first experience with a virtual field trip and don’t exactly know what to expect, you may go to one of our many archives here. The archives are segmented and will give you an idea of what will happen during the live broadcast. There are also pre and post-event activities provided to help you make the best of the virtual experience.  As always, you and your students may submit questions prior to and during the virtual field trip.

Teacher Prep: Prior to the Virtual Field Trip

To help students prepare for the Virtual Field Trip, engage them in a discussion around the resources living things need to survive. Ask students to consider their own basic needs and compile a list as they brainstorm. Once the students’ list is complete, introduce the difference between needs and wants. Explain that humans, for example, might want television or air conditioning, but do not need it in order to survive. Ask students to help you separate their list into needs and wants.

Help students arrive at the conclusion that all humans need air, water, food, shelter, and heat. Explain that other living things also need a variation of these resources to survive. Discuss that while the wants the students brainstormed may not be needed to survive, some may be necessary to help humans thrive and live the best possible life. Different living things have different resources that they need in order to thrive. Tell students that, during the Virtual Field Trip, they will be learning about the resources that chickens need to survive, thrive, and produce high-quality eggs.


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