Fun Fact Friday: The Incredible Shrinking Astronaut

Did you know that astronaut Scott Kelly, who broke all previous US records by spending almost a year in orbit aboard the International Space Station, grew nearly two inches in height during his time in space? It’s true!

Scott and his twin brother Mark are part of an important study being conducted to gauge the effects of dwelling in space on an astronaut’s physiology, which uses the astronaut’s earth-bound twin sibling as a control subject. Scientists discovered, upon Scott’s return, that he had grown nearly two inches taller than his brother.

If you’re one of the more “vertically challenged” among us, don’t go booking a flight with Richard Branson just yet. It turns out this was a temporary change, and it seems that before Scott even had time to go shopping for longer pants, the effects of gravity had already reclaimed the additional inches he’d grown.

Want to learn more about what it’s like to be aboard the ISS? Check out the view in Orbiting in the International Space Station on Discovery Education Streaming!


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