DENSI: Why You Should Apply

The DEN Summer Institute (DENSI) is being held in Chicago, IL this July and while I’m a little bias because it’s my favorite city (and current residence), I hope you’ll consider applying to join us for this week long professional learning experience.

Last year was my first time attending DENSI for the full week and it was one of the most memorable professional learning experiences I’ve had. Nearly a year later, I’m still making use of things I learned, ideas I had and friendships I made at DENSI.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should apply

1. See Discovery come to life. Sure you’ll get to meet Discovery personalities and meet your Discovery Education Community Team in person, but you’ll also see how educators from around the globe use Discovery Education resources in their classrooms. If you’ve wondered how the Discovery Education Techbooks looks in a real classroom- you’ll have a chance to connect with educators using them every day! You’ll also have a chance to get new ideas for ‘old favorites’ like the Spotlight on Strategies series which will take your use of Discovery Education resources to the next level. Hesitant to get started with Google Apps for Education or wondering what green screen is all about? There will be educators there to share, support and inspire you!

2. Be inspired to try something new. Throughout the week you’ll have formal and informal opportunities to learn and share. Not only will you find educators willing to share an idea, they will be there next to you as you try it out together. I especially enjoyed the DENovator Faire because it allowed you to experience a variety of hands on activities and resources and share your favorites. The Faire also provided a great opportunity to play- which is a learning modality that is often under used by adults!

3. Make lasting connections. This should really be reason #1 since it was the most impactful for me. Spending time with educators from a variety of backgrounds while in sessions, at dinner or evening activities is a great way to get to know one another. Thanks to in person events (like the Day of Discovery Tour) and social media you’ll find yourself reaching out to your tribe throughout the year and for years to come. (Like the DEN Friends Facebook Page or Thursday night at #DENChat)



Still not sure? Check out the 2015 event in Washington, DC or read what your community members are saying #DENSI2016 (and maybe get some ideas for your application video!)
If you have any questions- don’t hesitate to reach out! @EmMurn