SOS: You Can Quote Me On That

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Tug of War

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SOS Big IdeaStudents are often more engaged in a text if they know something about the content or context. This is especially true when the text is delivered via audio, as with a speech or story. This strategy introduces students to printed quotes from a speech before they listen to the entire audio version, allowing them to build familiarity with the content first.

SOS StepsMaterials: audio or video clip of speech, printed pull quotes from the speech.

  1. Choose an audio or video file of a speech.
  2. Print out quotes from the speech and post them around the room. Be sure you have one quote for each student; you may need to use the same quote more than once.
  3. Have students walk around the classroom and read all the quotes.
  4. Ask each student to choose a quote that resonates with him or her.
  5. Have students pair up and share their quotes with each other. Ask them to talk about why they chose their specific quotes. Be sure you give enough time for each partner to share. Repeat this step two or three times.
  6. As a whole group, have students listen to or watch the speech.
  7. Engage in a class discussion about the speech, the particular quotes students chose, and the significance of the quotes within the context of the entire speech. (Consider having students meet in small same-quote groups to discuss the significance of the quote, prior to the class discussion, if there are several students for each quote.)

SOS Sum It UpThis strategy helps students prepare to listen to an audio text, such as a speech, by selecting and considering a specific quote from the text in advance. The advance preparation increases engagement while the students listen to the text and enhances their understanding of the meaning of the quote.

SOS More IdeasUse the quotes as theme generators for art projects or story starters for narratives. 


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