Fun Fact Friday: Square Watermelons

Photo Credit: Laughlin

Did you know that in Japan, some farmers grow square watermelons? It’s true!

According to Wikipedia, square watermelons were intended to fit more compactly in fridges and be able to be cut more easily (without rolling). It was invented by the graphic designer Tomoyuki Ono in 1978. She presented the watermelons in a gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.

According to the BBC, the watermelons were invented around the 1980s by a farmer who lived on Shikoku in Zentsuji, Kagawa. The melons are grown in boxes and assume the shape of the container. They tend to appeal to wealthy or fashionable consumers because in 2001 they cost anywhere from two to three times that of a normal watermelon (at about $83).

Since the advent of the square watermelon, other watermelon shapes have been introduced, such as hearts and pyramids.

It would seem that sometimes, even if you’re thinking outside the box, it pays not to throw the box away!



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