Oh, The Connections You’ll Make

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I’m David Fisher, a long-time Discovery Education Community member and newly hired Community Engagement Manager for Florida and Louisiana. My office, like yours I imagine, is adorned with lots of pictures of family and friends from many vacations, experiences, and life events.  Included in my collection of pictures are many from the seven Summer Institutes I’ve had the honor of attending.


Those pictures do much more than just provide me with a sense of joy every time I look at them.  They’re sources of inspiration, humor, pride, and encouragement.  The faces in those images look back at me knowing that I will do whatever I can to support them to be successful in their classrooms, with their students.  In turn, I look at them knowing that they are always there to support me when I am in need of their support.  And that is what the DEN Summer Institute is all about: Connections!


Let me be clear on this as well.  I will always say to anyone who asks what makes this event so special is that the DEN Summer Institute is the best professional development opportunity for all teachers regardless of grade level or content area.  It is a gathering of approximately 150 of your newest BFFs you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting.  It’s the family reunion you really want to attend.  Most importantly, it is a life changing experience that will impact you professionally, and personally, in incredibly positive ways you will not even imagine.  It all starts with connections.


We believe that connecting you to your greatest resource, each other, is the key to building strong relationships, a strong community, and these connections open avenues for the sharing of ideas that will provide all students with wonderfully rich learning experiences.  These connections will also forge lifelong friendships that span the globe.


So, join us!  Apply to be part of the best PD ever in a great city that boasts great communities of its own.  Build those connections, build those relationships, and change your practice of education forever.  There’s still time…the deadline to apply is April 1st!


Apply here.

If these written words aren’t convincing enough, contact me directly.  I’ll be more than happy to spend some time answering all of your questions.


David Fisher



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  1. Shelley Mann said:

    What a great post! So true, your BFFs you have been waiting to meet. Thrilled to be working with you, David! And what a great picture from the ’11 archives :-).

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