It’s Time for Spring Training

We all need a little workout every now and again to hone our skills and develop our practice, and that’s what Discovery Education’s Spring Training is all about. You’re invited to participate in this weekly challenge for the next five weeks, where you will be given a new instructional strategy to practice and discover ways to use Discovery Education to be an ace pitcher in the classroom.

Get started today!

It’s the first inning of Spring Training, and this week’s training challenge is a double play. We’re starting off with two great Discovery Education finds, Global News and A-E-I-O-U. First, let’s take a look at Global News. Log in to Discovery Education and go to MyDE. On the right sidebar, you’ll find Global News. Toggle between grades K-5 (Global Stories) and grades 6-12 (Global Wrap).

global news

Global News, can be used in a variety of ways and can be applied to numerous subject areas. These current events, news-style programs are updated on a weekly basis, with new episodes available on MyDE every Wednesday afternoon. Here’s a Lively Lesson with some ways to use Global News.

For this week’s challenge, watch Global News with your students. Then to be sure your lesson is a hit, try this ready to implement instructional strategy, SOS: A-E-I-O-U (Canadian link). This strategy provides a framework for students to interpret information from images or videos they have viewed and write down their thoughts next to five descriptive categories: A-adjective, E- emotion, I- interesting, O- ohh! U- uh?

North Carolina STAR Discovery Educator, Dacia Jones has created a series of templates you can use with the SOS. Here’s the one for A-E-I-O-U. Print this for your class and use it along with Global News and the A-E-I-O-U strategy, and you’ve got a ready-made activity.

Access all of the strategies in the SOS series by logging in to Discovery Education and clicking Professional Development in the toolbar.

professional development

Be a team player; share Spring Training with your colleagues. The state/province with the most participants wins bragging rights. Tune in next week to see the leaderboard.

If you’ve not registered for Discovery Education’s Spring Training, do so here. Let us know you’re participating, then keep you eyes on the Discovery Education blog. Participate in each challenge, and you’ll hit a home run with your students. You’ll also have a chance at a brand new Discovery Education baseball cap. (Woot!)

The bases are loaded and you’re at bat. Hit it out of the park with Discovery Education’s Spring Training.


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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    I just signed up to participate, but will have to start next week as we are on Spring break this week.

  2. Neene said:

    Funny, I just found my t-shirt from DEN Spring Training a few years ago today. Great timing!

  3. Deb Thonus said:

    I was just wearing my 2009 Spring Training t-shirt last weekend! Hope to get the baseball cap to go along with it! 🙂

  4. Sonja Fehlmann said:

    I sent an email out to all my staff inviting them to participate in the challenge. Some of the strategies highlighted are the ones I had shared in my SOS Bulletin Board.

  5. Dana Johnston said:

    I just shared this post with my staff. I can’t wait to see them participate. I will be borrowing kids so I can participate as well.

  6. Audra Barton said:

    The kids loved AEIOU. It was a fun way to review for testing. 🙂

  7. WENDY NORTON said:

    We are using the AEIOU with our roller coaster projects. It is one of our centers, along with other SOS Stratagies

  8. Hindi Serials said:

    We are also using AEIOU. We will Try using Different Technologies Soon. But First we will Try for something good for this spring.
    well actually, we are making turbine producing electricity from generators Air. will show the project details in brief soon.
    other thing which we are trying to do is, producing electricity with the help of trees. as the true or plant grow takes water and circulate it, let’s see what happen next. fingers crossed..

  9. Tashla McCabe said:

    I just signed up but we are on Spring Break this upcoming week, so will begin on 4/11/16.

  10. Kelli Etheredge said:

    I love the AEIOU strategy as a way for students to reflect on videos they watch in class. We can have students post their AEIOU responses in our Class OneNote notebooks, allowing us to check-in with students who are struggling or who have content questions related to the video.

  11. Emma Haygood said:

    I used AEIOU with my district’s administrators today. They loved it!

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