DEN Weekly Update: April 1, 2016

Here is this week’s DEN Weekly Update. Take a few minutes to catch up with your community. You might join us for an upcoming Day of Discovery, check out the agenda for the 2016 Spring VirtCon or see the latest Spotlight on Strategies resource.

  • Your Discovery Education Team

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  1. Jennifer Zolikoff said:

    I appreciate DE creating the Spring Training Challenge. There are so many great SOS strategies to explore, however, at times I find myself always using the same two or three. The Spring Training Challenge pushes me out of my comfort zone and reminds me that I have access to many tools in which to engage my students. Plus, by only giving us one or two items per week, it feels like a manageable chunk. What a great way to learn new teaching strategies! Just this week, I tried the AEIOU and I was very pleased with how my students interacted with the text and how it really sparked conversations. Thank you! (posting a comment to a blog to fulfill a DE Innovator Year 2 requirement)

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